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The doctors at Bianco Primary Care understand they need to know their patients as individuals to provide optimal care. Our patients know they matter from their very first visit.

It’s time to restore strong patient-doctor relationships and make quality the number one priority.

Welcome to Bianco Primary Care

We are a Direct Primary Care practice, which means, we accept payment plans, and Liberty Direct (a medical cost sharing program), in addition to traditional insurance. This makes paying and receiving healthcare simple and affordable. With our payment plans, based on your age, you pay an annual fee that is divided into 12 equal monthly payments. No guessing what your bill will be or hassling with the insurance company.

As an alternative to traditional insurance, we also accept Liberty Direct. Liberty Direct is a cost sharing program, where individuals, couples and families pool their financial resources together to help reduce health care cost.

This program is perfect for small business owners, the self employed, anyone who buys their insurance on their own and anyone else who thinks they are paying too much for health insurance. Savings on Liberty Direct are 40-60% off what you are paying now for coverage for you and your family. If you are a member of Liberty Direct they will also subsidize part or all of your membership to our practice included in the cost of their program. Liberty Direct’s family plan is only $450 per month with an annual unshared amount of only $1500 for the whole family!! Dr. Mike and Dr. Shelley have been using this cost sharing program to cover their own family and have saved thousands of dollars annually. Check them out here: www.libertydirect.org

What makes us different from the typical medical practice are our core values. We not only believe in providing great health care services, but have taken the actions needed to make it a reality. Our same day or next day appointments provide a level of assurance for our patients that is unmatched by most other practices. Your appointment will never be rushed. As physicians we were frustrated with the standard practice model of 5-8 minutes for patient visits. Most practices have 3,000 or more patients per doctor we limit ourselves to around 400 per doctor. We felt in order to provide effective health care we had to really know our patients, not just their symptoms. This lead us to completely reevaluate how we would practice medicine. By taking a whole-person approach, we really know our patients and are able to prescribe and diagnose more accurately. Lifestyle and nutrition are key factors in this approach, and are essential in evaluating overall health. Our certification in plant based nutrition by Cornell University, in addition to our osteopathic medical certifications also distinguish us from other medical practices. As part of overall health, we also provide weight loss programs, allergy testing and immunotherapy.

Health care is ever changing and technology plays a huge part. We are committed to thinking outside the box and evaluating new paths of wellbeing. From genetic testing (Genomind Genetic Tetsing), allergy testing (Allergy All), for both foods and environments, to clinical testing (Doctors Data).

What Does Customized Healthcare Mean?

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